Getting Aurora Was Insane But If You Want It, Here Is Everything You Will Need To Get It Spelled Out Clearly

Aurora is a Legendary trinket that requires a new level of crazy to even think about going after it.

This post is not a guide for how to obtain it but rather a summation of all that is needed. I myself am going after the highest form of what we call “Shiny”. As you can see below my player is built around the ultra shiny principle which some players seek out (don’t ask me why we just do).

This is my current level of shiny (This is my actual player)


Here is the summation list of core requirements for a quick view but further down I listed each individual item with full requirement counts. Unlike walkthrough guides, I wanted to know the total count needed overall for each item rather than just what was needed for a particular craft or quest.

  • Total # of achievements that must be completed (215) (A small % can be skipped per the root achievement requirements)
  • Total # of bosses that must be killed (20) (Some up to 3 or more times)
  • Total # of gifts needed (30)
  • Total # of materials needed (25,357)
  • Total # of special quest items that must be obtained (188)
  • 1 full Reward Track completion in WvW (Gift of Battle )
  • Also, 4 of the games hardest and most frustrating jumping puzzles must be fully completed with additional hidden items found before you reach the top.
    • Abaddon’s Ascent
    • Noran’s Safe Room
    • Searing Ascent
    • Skip up the Volcano
  • Karma need in excess of (896000)
  • Crafting skills needed (some can be substituted using the Auction House)
    • Artificer 500
    • Tailor 500
    • Weaponsmith 500


Special Note: Get All The Druid Runestones first since they can only be done once per day.

You don’t want to get to the end and then have to wait days to get Aurora

Acquisition via combining 5 Druid Runestone Fragments, one from each heart vendor in
Draconis Mons and one from the Unbound Magic vendor at the Mariner’s Landing waypoint. This gives you 5x fragments a day that combine to make one Druid Runestone.

16 Druid Runestones are required to complete The Wayfarer’s Henge collection (Key Item for Aurora)

Here is a  list of all achievements that must be completed (215). Many of these achievements require a full restart of certain storylines (sigh). If you hate doing stories then I’m sure you will be thrilled to know you must not only redo them but you must do them in a very particular way to obtain the achievement award.

A Crack in the Ice Mastery
A Fish, A Fishy
A Fly in the Ointment
A Good Use
A Henge Away from Home
A Meeting of Ministers
A Quick Death
A Shadow’s Deeds
Abaddon’s Ascent
Ain’t Got Time for This
Apprentice Kasandra’s Notebook
Arrival and Survival
Art Critic
Aurora II: Empowering
Aurora: Awakening
Available Guardian
Awakening the Druid Stone
Battle Orr
Beasts Slain Quick
Beat Taimi’s Game
Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: Griffin Old Growth
Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Bitter Cold
Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Svanir Hive
Bitterfrost Frontier Master
Block the Shock
Blood and Stone
Bloodstone Fen Insight: Fragmented Wastes
Bloodstone Fen Insight: Temple of Renewal
Bloodstone Fen Master
Bloodstone Magic, Not Even Once
Born for Battle
Broodmother Down By The Bay
Burnin’ Down the House
Cami’s Final Voyage
Chum Chucker
Cin Business
Cleaning Up the Mess
Coalescence I: Unbridled
Codex: Kodan
Collecting Coalescence
Confessor’s Stronghold
Conspiracy of Dunces
Courtly Discourtesy
Crypt Keeper
Cultural Attaché
Dance Club
Delicious Desserts
Desecration Prevention
Destroyer Sampler
Dinosaur King Ascension
Dive Master: Cold Feet
Dive Master: Just Dropping By
Dive Master: Masted
Dodger Danger
Dominating the Dominator
Don’t Cross the Streams
Draconis Mons Insight: Savage Rise
Draconis Mons Insight: Scalding Gorge
Draconis Mons Insight: Western Boiling Sea
Draconis Mons Master
Dragon Duty
Dragon Vigil
Eir’s Memorial in Hoelbrak
Elder Druid Protection
Elixir Cookin’
Elixir Recipe
Ember Bay Insight: Ashen Skerries
Ember Bay Insight: Caliph’s Steps
Ember Bay Master
Excess Energy
Expensive Taste
Fancy Flying
Feeling Beastly
Fire Brigade
Fire Fighter
Flashpoint Mastery
Friend of the Forest
Frozen in Ice
Frozen Out
Gems of the Beach City
Gift of Aurene
Go Nuts with the Scanning
Golemancer’s Treasure
Graffiti Artist
Grand Savant Valis the Learned’s Research Journal
Grief Counseling
Head of the Snake
Head of the Snake Mastery
Heart of the Volcano
Heart, Moxie, and Many Sweaters
Hold the Line
Holding Back the Tide
Honorary Crew Member
Hot Splashes
Hungry Hal
I’m Rubber; You’re Destroyer
In Pursuit of a God
Into the Mind of Madness
It’s a Sabotage
It’s a Trap
Jade Carving
Journal: “Where’s Balthazar?”
Journal: On Orrian Shores
Journal: Shining Blade Secrets
Journal: The Flow of Magic
Journal: The Last Chance
Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier
King Crab
Krackin’ Karka
Lake Doric Insight: Lakeside Bazaar
Lake Doric Insight: Melandru’s Flourish
Lake Doric Insight: Melandru’s Refuge
Lake Doric Insight: Watcher’s Hollow
Lake Doric Master
Larva Conservationist
Lessons Learned
Letters from E
Lost Souls
Maintain Aurene’s Shield
Mantle Pieces
Master of Puppets
Master Storyteller
Metal Mountain
Nature’s Wrath
New in Box
No Bombs Allowed
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Not on My Watch
Old Foes, Old Ghosts
One Head Better than None
One Path Ends Mastery
Out of the Shadows Mastery
Paying Respects
People Watching
Perfect Execution
Playing Chicken
Powerless Suit
Precision Blade
Precocious Aurene
Pruning the Weed
Pushing Back
Queen of the Fire Islands
Quirky Quaggan Quest
Reaper of Magic
Regrouping with the Queen
Research in Rata Novus
Return of the Jade Construct
Reversal of Fortune
Riddle Me This
Ring of Fire
Risen Research
Rising Flames Mastery
Rock Collector
Roll for Greed
Sabotage Fort Evennia
Sacrificial Lambs
Searing Ascent
Shadow in the Shadows
Simulation Top Ten
Siren’s Landing Insight: Buoyant Bough
Siren’s Landing Insight: Cliff’s Edge
Siren’s Landing Insight: Dwayna’s Tears
Siren’s Landing Insight: Kelp Rock
Siren’s Landing Insight: Lava Leap
Siren’s Landing Master
Skip up the Volcano
Skrilla’s Benefactor
Sprouting the Druid Stone
Stay Unfrosty
Storyteller: Abaddon
Storyteller: Balthazar
Storyteller: Dwayna
Storyteller: Grenth
Storyteller: Lyssa
Storyteller: Melandru
Student of Bartholos
Tablets of the Unseen
Taimi’s Pet Project
Take It Down a Notch
Task Master
Terror of the Boiling Sea
The Bitter Cold
The Druid Stone
The Friendly Ghost
The Machine in the Flame
The Memoirs of Justiciar Bauer
The Sky Is Falling
The Vigil Way
The Whispers Way
The Withered Rose
This Time, Stay Dead
Thorough Sampling
Those Giant Hands
Token Collector
Tree-Hugger Hugger
Trip to the Circus
Two Sides, Same Coin
Under Siege
Upper City Security Chief
Verm the Burnin’ Wurm
Walking on Fire
Was It Blue or Red?
Well Fare
White Hat
With Friends Like These…
Wurm Slurper


Here is the list of all the bosses that must be killed (20). I can kill a majority of these without help using my Mesmer but they are, for the most part, group required bosses so good luck.

  • Bloodstone-Charged Lava Wurm
  • Champion Horrid Illusion
  • Champion Icebrood Goliath
  • Champion Icebrood Troll
  • Champion Jade Armor
  • Champion Pyroclastic Jade Construct
  • Ghostly Justiciar Hablion
  • Greater Wardbough
  • Kill the Devourer Champion
  • Legendary Destroyer Ignis
  • Legendary Unbound Guardian
  • Molten Dominator
  • Pirate Captain Huuhes
  • Putrid Broodmother
  • Rotted Silverback
  • Siegemaster Immelhoof
  • Sloth Queen
  • Spectre of Wrath
  • Spider Queen
  • Unchained Wyvern

Here is the list of all the gifts needed to obtain Aurora, 30 in total. Given the challenge involved with obtaining gifts, you would have to be insane to take on 30 of them. A select few can be obtained through high numbers of Auction House transactions (If you have the gold).

  • 1 Gift of Battle
  • 2 Gifts of Blood
  • 1 Gift of Bloodstone Magic
  • 2 Gifts of Bones
  • 2 Gifts of Claws
  • 2 Gifts of Condensed Magic
  • 2 Gifts of Condensed Might
  • 1 Gift of Draconic Mastery
  • 1 Gift of Dragon Magic
  • 2 Gifts of Dust
  • 1 Gift of Energy
  • 2 Gifts of Fangs
  • 1 Gift of Glory
  • 1 Gift of the Mists
  • 2 Gifts of Scales
  • 1 Gift of Sentience
  • 2 Gifts of Totems
  • 1 Gift of Valor
  • 2 Gifts of Venom
  • 1 Gift of War

Here is the extensive list of materials/currency needed with a full total count next to each item, (25,357). This includes side quests and NPC purchases. This is a daunting list, to say the least. Some items can only be obtained at about 15 per day, (per player).

1 Albino Orchid Blossom
1 Amalgamated Gemstone
200 Ancient Bone
200 Armored Scale
300 Blood Ruby
100 Bone
1 Bottle of Airship Oil
6 Charged Lodestone
100 Claw
1 Crystalline Ore
231 Crystals
16 Druid Runestone
200 Elaborate Totem
100 Engraved Totem
100 Fang
363 Fire Orchid Blossom
16 Fire Orchid Seed
250 Fresh Winterberry
1 Fulgurite
100 Full Venom Sac
6 Glacial Lodestone
232 Glob of Ectoplasm
100 Heavy Bone
100 Icy Runestones
500 Intricate Totem
350 Jade Shard
500 Large Bone
500 Large Claw
500 Large Fang
500 Large Scale
1 Ley Line Spark
250 Memory of Battle
6 Molten Lodestone
77 Mystic Clover
481 Mystic Coins
232 Obsidian Shards
6 Onyx Lodestone
450 Orrian Pearl
250 Petrified Wood
1 Pile of Auric Dust
450 Pile of Crystalline Dust
750 Pile of Incandescent Dust
350 Pile of Luminous Dust
350 Pile of Radiant Dust
500 Potent Venom Sac
200 Powerful Venom Sac
100 Scale
1 Sentient Seed
250 Shard of Glory
100 Sharp Claw
100 Sharp Fang
100 Smooth Scale
1 Spark of Sentience
200 Spirit Shard
75 Stabilizing Matrix
100 Totem
13000 Unbound Magic
100 Venom Sac
100 Vial of Blood
500 Vial of Potent Blood
200 Vial of Powerful Blood
100 Vial of Thick Blood
200 Vicious Claw
200 Vicious Fang
1 Vision Crystal

Here is the list of all special quest items that must be obtained (188). Each of these is embedded in a full quest with storylines sprinkled in from here to there. A large number are also inside of events that must be started before you can get to the phase that has your item.

1 A Bouquet for Broadleaf
1 A Bouquet for Kodama
1 A Bouquet for Liriodendron
1 A Bouquet for Rosewood
1 A Flower for Broadleaf
1 A Flower for Kodama
1 A Flower for Liriodendron
1 A Flower for Rosewood
1 A Frozen Bouquet for Liriodendron
1 A Storm Bouquet for Kodama
1 Aestus Heart
1 Aestus Runestone
1 Aged Ectoplasm
1 An Earthen Bouquet for Broadleaf
1 An Infernal Bouquet for Rosewood
1 Ancient Asuran Wrench
1 Ancient Cipher
1 Ancient Hollow Propagation
1 Arboreal Rest
1 Arboreal Runestone
1 Arcanum Runestone
1 Ascended Armor Random
1 Atmospheric Electrum
1 Ball of Dark Energy
1 Bitterfrost Frontier Hero
1 Blighted Electrum
1 Bloodstone Chip
1 Bloodstone Fen Hero
1 Bloodstone Savant’s Staff
1 Bloodstone-Charged Lava Wurm Scale
1 Bloodstone-Infused Electrum
1 Bloodstone-Warped Hoof
1 Blooming Druid Stone
1 Bottle of Skritt Spirits
1 Charged Runestone
1 Colossal Brazier
1 Corrupted Griffon Talon
1 Corrupted Wolfmaster Whistle
1 Covert Electrum
1 Crystallized Suet
1 Depleted Power Source
1 Desecrator Runestone
1 Destroyer’s Rest
1 Dierdre’s Orchard
1 Draconis Mons Hero
1 Dragon Hatchling Doll Adornments
1 Dragon Hatchling Doll Eyes
1 Dragon Hatchling Doll Frame
1 Dragon Hatchling Doll Hide
1 Druid Stone
1 Druid’s Vision
1 Earthen Runestone
1 Ebon Vanguard Badge
1 Element of Aestus
1 Element of Air
1 Element of Earth
1 Element of Fire
1 Element of Ignis
1 Element of the Arbor
1 Element of the Desecrator
1 Element of the Empire
1 Element of the Oakhearts
1 Element of the Wardbough
1 Element of the Wurm
1 Element of Water
1 Element of Webby
1 Elemental Rest
1 Ember Bay Hero
1 Enemy of the Inquest
1 Enemy of the Svanir
1 Envenomed Electrum
1 Favor of Balthazar
1 Favor of Dwayna
1 Favor of Grenth
1 Favor of Lyssa
1 Favor of Melandru
1 Fiery Liberator
1 Firefly Luminescence
1 Flask of Tears
1 Fort Evennia Infiltrator
1 Friend of Cin Fursarai
1 Friend of Golems
1 Friend of New Loamhurst
1 Friend of Noran
1 Friend of Quaggans
1 Friend of Saidra’s Haven
1 Friend of Science
1 Friend of the Circus
1 Friend of the Grawl
1 Friend of the Researchers
1 Friend of the Skritt
1 Frontline Defender
1 Frosted Electrum
1 Frozen Winterberry
1 Glacial Runestone
1 Goopy Electrum
1 Gossamer Stuffing
1 Graven Electrum
1 Hablion’s Dignity
1 Heavy Dragonscale Epaulets
1 Heavy Glacial Gauntlets
1 Heavy Houndskin Mantle
1 Heavy Houndskin Mantle
1 Heavy Mursaat Brogans
1 Hidden Electrum
1 Horrid Residue
1 Icebrood Goliath Sinew
1 Icebrood Norn Pauldrons
1 Icebrood Troll Tooth
1 Ignis Heart
1 Ignis Runestone
1 Immelhoof’s Heart
1 Imperial Runestone
1 Jade Cannon Controller
1 Jade Core
1 Lake Doric Hero
1 Living Bloodstone
1 Living Druid Stone
1 Luminous Electrum
1 Maguuma’s Orchard
1 Melandru’s Orchard
1 Mini Aurene
1 Misty Electrum
1 Molten Domination
1 Mursaat Investigator
1 Noran’s Survival Kit
1 Nu II Propagation
1 Oakheart’s Rest
1 Oakheart’s Runestone
1 Orrian Drake Scale
1 Orrian Gorilla Sinew
1 Orrian Nacre
1 Orrian Venom Glands
1 Orrian Wraith Bindings
1 Petrified Burl
1 Pile of Filthy Essence
1 Plump Winterberry
1 Plundered Electrum
1 Poisoned Electrum
1 Pristine Blood Ruby
1 Pristine White Mantle
1 Propagation of the Fire Orchid
1 Protector of Griffons
1 Pyroclastic Core
1 Pyroclastic Electrum
1 Rata Arcanum Propagation
1 Recipe: Dragon Hatchling Doll Adornments
1 Recipe: Dragon Hatchling Doll Eyes
1 Recipe: Dragon Hatchling Doll Frame
1 Recipe: Dragon Hatchling Doll Hide
1 Recipe: Gossamer Stuffing
1 Relic of Balthazar
1 Rift Residue
1 Saurian Runestone
1 Scavenged Electrum
1 Scorched Electrum
1 Scouting Party Supporter
1 Seared Electrum
1 Searing Ascender
1 Seaside Ledges Propagation
1 Seaside Propagation
1 Seraph Bloodstone Savant’s Staff
1 Seraph Protector
1 Seraph Seraph Protector
1 Shattered Guardian Binding
1 Shiny Rock
1 Siren’s Landing Hero
1 Slubling Tail
1 Sonic Electrum
1 Sparking Jade Shard
1 Spirit Bough
1 Stony Electrum
1 Strange Residue
1 Sulfuric Electrum
1 Supporter of the Gods
1 Tarnished Coin
1 The Wayfarer’s Henge
1 Unchained Heart
1 Volcanic Electrum
1 Volcanic Runestone
1 Volcanic Scale
1 Wardbough’s Rest
1 Wardbough’s Runestone
1 Webby Runestone
1 White Mantle Crest
1 White Mantle Elite Guard Mask
1 Wind Rider Ledge Propagation
1 Wurm Runestone

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  1. I don’t mind doing stories – though I don’t think I could handle doing all 215 of those stories. (But some of them look interesting). Is this a video game?


  2. Exactly what I was looking for, appreciate it for putting up.


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