Two Different World Leaders Giving the Same Speech Word For Word

In this video, we are seeing two world leaders giving speeches to urge countries to join in wars with the United States. The fact that they are using the same speech sends a clear message that individual countries are controlled by a global agenda. They are not individual states making decisions for their country but rather a global collective with a guided agenda.

In this case, where you get a rare peek behind the curtain, the agenda was to invade Iraq. 

Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, left, is seen addressing the Australian Parliament in March 2003, to the right is the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper,  speaking two days later to his group.

When caught in the act of being sheep for a global agenda the representatives simply said, “it’s irrelevant”.

How does a political leader in one country, on such a crucial issue, end up giving the exact same speech as another country’s leader and nobody cares?

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  1. I think it shows the Bush administration was pushing talking points that they wanted emphasized to other countries sympathetic leaders and people being lazy just wouldn’t up using them with out changing the wording. The only global collective I can see is major international companies. They are the ones to watch out for. Hugs

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  2. Ha, funny, it’s almost like they have the same financier. Or, perhaps these people that are in power are simply imbeciles.

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  3. No need to reinvent the wheel right, cut and paste!!!!

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  4. As an Aussie, why am I not surprised Howard is one of them?

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