August 5, 2018

Ice Hotter Than The Sun

There are five different crystalline forms of ice made from water.

A team working with the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Rochester were able to produce superionic water from a high-pressure type of ice and a series of powerful laser pulses.

Water molecules are made from two hydrogen atoms connected to one oxygen atom in a V-shape. Weak forces between the molecules become more obvious as they cool, causing them to push apart when water freezes.

In superionic water heat breaks the bonds between a water molecule’s atoms, leaving a solid crystal structure of oxygen atoms, and a flow of hydrogen nuclei or ions in between them – creating both a solid and a liquid at the same time.

In the end, you are left with hot ice, depending on your process it can even be hotter than some parts of the sun.



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  1. That’s quite cool! Sounds impossible but also makes sense.

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