Millions Of Tons Of Radioactive Debris Filmed By Drone Flying Over Japan Nuclear Disaster Area

Millions of tons of radioactive soil and debris, filmed by drone footage, can be seen packed in black bags in Japan.

Six years after the largest nuclear disaster in a quarter-century, Japanese officials have still not solved the problem of what to do with the massive amount of contaminated soil from the site. The growing pile of bags stacked on former farms in Fukushima has grown into the millions.

In September of 2015, when there were floods in Nikko, Japan, hundreds of bags of radioactive soil were washed into the local river.

They are storing the nuclear waste right next to the ocean in radiation bags. What could go wrong?

If cleaning up nuclear waste were profitable, it would already have been completed and people moving back in.

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  1. I will agree (only to prevent an argument) but…
    I only see the evidence as you have shown me.
    No time stamp.
    No confirmed materials.
    No positive location.
    I’ve never been a believer of this senario, but then I’m an American (living in the states), and I don’t even believe my own news (haha) media.

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    • On the contrary, you are 100% correct. There is no reason to believe anything without research and evidence. Your position is healthy and being skeptical is the right position.

      My site was designed to bring in short concise information about things that already happened to make people more aware. I research everything before I post it but if you find an article you are interested in I fully support feedback and any updates you want to add on the topic.

      The situation in Japan is worst than the information I put out since this it’s over a year old now. Currently they are now even moving radioactive material to other parts of the island for storage against complaints by civilians living in those areas. Ocean debris is also a big issue with fishing and it’s effects on the food supply.

      They have also started building walls around the bags you saw in the drone footage and some have been fully completed so many now look like huge storage warehouses.

      As they make new piles they are still storing on land near the ocean and then moving them into the storage units so the bad practice is still problematic.

      Some of the bags have already been accidentally moved by storms into populated areas and some leaking has been discovered.

      There is a lack of communication coming out of Japan so people are risking jail time with drone flights and wiki style press leaks.


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