July 25, 2018

Fact: DNA Guns Are Real

What we’ve had for years:

A gene gun is a device for delivering exogenous DNA (transgenes) to cells. The payload is an elemental particle of a heavy metal coated with DNA. This technique is often referred to as biolistics. Gene guns can be used effectively on most cells but are mainly used on plant cells. lsr_gene_gun.jpg

DNA is inserted into the target’s genome to transform eukaryotic nuclei or to transform prokaryotic-type genomes such as mitochondria, plasmids or plastids.

The potential for use on humans and other animals is forthcoming.

Where this gets NWO:

Fast forward to today’s world and now we have a high-velocity DNA tagging gun that shoots people with pellets containing unique DNA fingerprints. Authorities can track down and arrest criminals at a less confrontational time. Portable readers equipped with ultraviolet light scanners would be able to verify the synthetic DNA.


This technology is also able to tag personal belongings or other items for travel. It could conceivably be used to tag money or spouses to see who they interact with.

DNA as a tool and life as an agent of service — What will come next?

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