Is this An Optical Illusion Created By The Brain Or A Peak At What People Really Look Like?

Human beings do not see a direct representation of external reality, but rather a translation formed by their mind through electrical signals sent from the optic nerve. This is not pseudoscience, it’s a physiological fact. On top of all that, we only see within a narrow light spectrum range and more or less when looking directly at something.

What you see around you is 1) slightly delayed and 2) an interpretation.

What we see is more of a placeholder for something far more complex working in the background. The world is real but what you perceive is, in fact, a constructed copy in your mind from a second ago of something pretending to be what it’s not. This is the same way a web page works, you browse the page and it downloads complex code that displays what you see on the screen from a second ago. The code looks nothing like what’s on your screen but it is, in fact, more real than what you are seeing.

Light from objects enter the eyes, goes through the cornea, then through the pupil, then through the aqueous humor, onto the retina, through the optic nerve, and into the brain.

In normal observers, looking at your own face in the mirror for a few minutes with low light will cause you to see strange faces and monstrous beings.

Is this first video a trick of the mind or a peek at what is really there?

Strange Face Illusion:

Do we see reality as it is?

Face morphing experiment

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  1. I see tom-foolery and shenanigans everywhere. LoL

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  2. So when we look in the mirror are we really looking at the past?

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  3. Wow that “Strange face Illusion” is trippy

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