This Is What People Find Strange, But Do You?

There are two powerful aspects to something being strange:
  1. A sense of disconnection from normality.
  2. A thought provoker that opens the mind to new ideas.
The “Strange”, is a direct connection to the creative side of the mind. When a person encounters something strange, they are forced to think outside of the normality of everyday life. New solutions to old problems can be found in a creative mindset. So the question today is, which one of these do you find to be strange and how does it make you feel or think?

Marionette Wife VS Direct TV

Strange Girl From Scotland

Freak Chain

Surreal Baby

Perpetual Motion Machine

Zombie Boredom

Mountain Dew Kickstart

Weird Dancing Girl

Hot Food


Creepy Panda

Terry Tate

News Reporter Rapper

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