These videos are an eye-opener for anyone who has not been keeping up with modern day religion.

Churches that want to kill people and love money. 

Cults are easily brainwashing those who seek to follow without question.

China is becoming religious but have you seen it with your own eyes? 

The Amish are not what you think they are. 

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  1. Painful to watch! The America I grew up in has come to this and I don’t like it. I await developments. For, as I see it, a trajectory is set. I don’t possess the ability to discern facts about the future other than you and I will likely have a place in it.

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  2. I just listened to it again and yikes!!!! I made it and I still can’t believe what’s going on out there. It’s so evil and in your face now, why are people serving it?

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  3. Why are people serving it? Well maybe because it seems to be the only game in town? It’s terrifying not to be part of a tribe… maybe it’s a larger question is why are you and I not serving it. I believe it is good thing we are not. Even though I am lonely & unchurched I still believe in love and loving one another and that involves not being a rip off though I have to admit I do owe a few medical bills.

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Evil Is Real, Religion Gone Wild