We have never in the history of mankind received a message from channeling that has ever solved a modern day problem that needs solving. No end to poverty, cancer, crime, war, etc.

Despite this utter and complete failure to produce a viable solution from communication with supposedly super-beings from the great beyond or massively intelligent aliens on futuristic worlds, we still see a huge amount of money being given to those who claim to channel them. As much as $600 an hour in some cases.

Most of this is done online from websites that post what the off-world beings say after they have been channeled, but have you ever seen them when they actually do the channeling?

If not, this will be a big treat for you and remember, for millions of people worldwide, these are the people who guide them through the day and provide them with wisdom and understanding.

I want to hear what you have to say

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Evil Is Real, Humanity Insanity