Canned Air For Sale Is In High Demand Due To Air Pollution

China’s Chen Guangbiao, a millionaire believed to be one of China’s richest individuals, recently began selling canned fresh air in response to Beijing’s ever-worsening air pollution problem. Many people have been forced to seek protection indoors or behind surgical masks.

The air is being sold for about 5 Chinese Yuan ($0.80) a can. More than 8 million cans of fresh air were sold in under a month.

The severe air pollution has reportedly also caused a spike in patients suffering from respiratory diseases.


Though Chen’s idea was initially seen by many as an outlandish publicity stunt, it appears that his promise of fresh, clean air has become irresistible to many who are working in toxic smog.


“Red alert” smog levels hit China’s capital city earlier this month—the highest alert issued since the color-coded system debuted in 2013. 
Do you think that air pollution anywhere can someday reach you?

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  1. It was only a matter of time.
    … He who controls air quality controls life itself.

    ***and then there is the tax on air.

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