When you watch major news outlets or even local stations, you are most likely still watching the same news source.

What is being presented to you is an illusion of choice.

You are not aware of the illusion because you can only watch one channel at a time. These, “Information Products”, like “Newsource”, “Edge”, or “NNS”, are identified as affiliates of the major news networks. Chances are, one or more of your local TV stations are affiliates of a major network.

Where this becomes a major issue: 

There are only a handful of high-level news networks and at those networks, there are only a handful of editors who decide what stories to run and what to say. What we, in fact, have is a small number of people who are responsible for nearly all of the news content we see on Earth. If you don’t know why this is a terrible idea then think about the damage a person can do with this level of power. They would be able to start wars, increase hate, and manipulate the flow of money. In fact, it would look a lot like the world you are living in now!

They would all say the same thing:

They would make you hate each other: 

They would make you give up the constitution: 

They would even control what world leaders say:

They would make weak stories seem epic: 

They would blatantly ignore evidence, even when seen on live TV:

The news is a machine that makes you think about fear, hate, war, and blame.

  • Think about this:
    • How do you feel after watching the news for a few hours?
    • Do you argue with others over the news?
    • Does watching the news make you more successful?
    • Has the news provided solutions?

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