On March 12, 1951, Hank Ketcham’s Dennis the Menace comic strip first hit American newspapers.

Where it Gets Weird:

Just a few hours before Ketcham’s “Dennis the Menace” hit the nation, on the opposite side of the Atlantic, the first appearance of what went on to become cartoonist David Law’s most famous creation, “Dennis the Menace” comic hit newsstands.

The two comics strips both had the same exact name and were published at the same time.jkl

Neither man knew or had any way of knowing, that there was an equivalent comic being developed elsewhere. No lawsuits were filed, the two cartoon characters had nothing in common and both went on to become immensely popular with their respective audiences.

We like to think that our creativity is our own but what if it’s simply part of a larger system. What if every idea is routed through multiple people until it achieves a successful state within reality?


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  1. //What if every idea is routed through multiple people until it achieves a successful state within reality?//
    Yes! I’ve thought that & I’ve noticed that it keeps happening in many different human domains. IMHO it’s evidence of natural systemic creative force embedded in us. On the surface a thing like copycat cartooning may seem unimportant but I think it implies that every creative thinker is someone who’s life touches an uncanny mystery and disciplines themselves to record some dimension of it.

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  2. IMHO willingness to be open minded inspires connection to creativity. This was the missing factor that allowing me to find sobriety and serenity. I found only after my own resources ran out, and I was humbled, preconceived ideas turned out to be Wishful magical thinking. when I give up trying to control outcomes the communication with a higher power became a daily regular occurrence. I think we all come into the world with certain gifts that dovetail with a community of creators. Everyone has something to contribute!! We didn’t make ourselves or our gifts. There are so many Mysteries!! Gratitude has a lot to do with being able to be receptive to the solution to many problems in my humble opinion!! There are so many things that are incredibly beautiful if we only have awareness to see them!!

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