January 20, 2018

Is Prejudice Real?

Every day more and more stories come out about prejudice impacting peoples lives, but are the stories true? Look for yourself and come to your own conclusion but keep in mind, where there is smoke there is fire.

Not being treated the same by police, is that prejudice?

Ran a stop sign and refused to stop:

White supremacist mass murderer, killed nine people during a prayer service. He fled the scene and was caught during an all-out manhunt. They also stopped at Burger King to get him some food after he stated he was hungry.

Not having gun rights, is that prejudice?

Not being allowed to work, is that prejudice?

Being denied a place in history, is that prejudice?

Lied about in the media, is that prejudice?

Criminal activity not treated equally, is that prejudice?

Eyewitness testimony, is he describing prejudice?

Kids feeling worthless in society, is this because of prejudice?

Lack of nutritious food, is this a result of prejudice?

What do you think, does prejudice exist?

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