The Lone Gunmen are a trio of fictional characters, Richard “Ringo” Langly, Melvin Frohike and John Fitzgerald Byers, who appeared in recurring roles on the American television series The X-Files, and who starred in the short-lived spin-off, The Lone Gunmen

The first episode aired on March 4, 2001

The eerie scenes of “The Lone Gunmen” – first shown in the US on March 4, 2001 – were witnessed by TV viewers across the world. Down Under Aussie viewers watched the dramatic scenes of the Boeing 727 passenger plane hurtling towards the World Trade Centre just 13 days before 9/11 as it was broadcast in Australia for the first time. To them, this was an even stranger event due to how fresh it was in their minds.

Plot – Computer hacker takes control of a Boeing 727 passenger plane and flies it towards the World Trade Center with the specific intention of crashing the plane into one of the Twin Towers.

All the work of a powerful, rogue group within the government whose plan was to put the blame for the World Trade Center attacks on one or more foreign dictators so they can then bomb and overthrow them.

NOTE: The primetime media was massively absent and reluctance to address the storyline of Pilot and its parallels to 9/11. This unto itself is strange.

Robert McLachlan, was the director of photography on The Lone Gunmen. He had words to say, too: “It was odd that nobody referenced it. In the ensuing press, nobody mentioned that [9-11] echoed something that had been seen before.”

Christopher Bollyn stated: “…rather than being discussed in the media as a prescient warning of the possibility of such an attack, the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen series seemed to have been quietly forgotten.”

Frank Spotnitz was one of the executive producers of The Lone Gunmen. He said: “I woke up on September 11 and saw it on TV and the first thing I thought of was The Lone Gunmen. But then in the weeks and months that followed, almost no one noticed the connection. What’s disturbing about it to me is, you think as a fiction writer that if you can imagine this scenario, then the people in power in the government who are there to imagine disaster scenarios can imagine it, too.”

Again we have a form of media from writers that show us glimpses of the future before actual events occur.

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