We Knew About the Titanic 14 Years Before It Sank

A fictional book called “THE TITAN” published in 1898 provided detailed information 14 years in advance about a real ship named “THE TITANIC” that sank in 1912.

The poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, best known for the phrase, “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone”, read the book and reached out to the author, Morgan Robertson, to find out how he saw the future and shared his response in her 1918 autobiography.

Morgan Robertson provided a fair amount of rare insight. He stated the following in his letter to explain how he had such detailed information 14 years before the incident.

“As to the motif of my story, I merely tried to write a good story with no idea of being a prophet. But, as in other stories of mine, and in the work of other and better writers, coming discoveries and events have been anticipated. I do not doubt that it is because all creative workers get into a hypnoid, telepathic and percipient condition, in which, while apparently awake, they are half asleep, and tap, not only the better-informed minds of others but the subliminal realm of unknown facts. Some, as you know, believe that in this realm there is no such thing as Time, and the fact that a long dream can occur in an instant of time gives color to it, and partly explains prophecy.”rob

Although he did not intentionally attempt to access future information he did, however, think it was natural for creative people to do the following:

  • Anticipate:
    • Future Discoveries
    • Future Events
  • Enter the Following State
    • Hypnotic
    • Telepathic
    • Percipient
  • Function while being half asleep
  • Access a subliminal realm of unknown facts
    • A realm without limitations to time
    • A relation to dreams (Cryptic)

To be clear we now have recorded evidence from a man who accurately predicted the future on how he gained access to that information.

What he called “a realm” is essentially a data storage system that keeps newsworthy events. It’s very possible that this information system is readily accessible by anyone if they can alter the mind’s focus. I will post more articles confirming that other writers have done the same and that we have a plethora of future information waiting to be researched.


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