There are two powerful aspects to something being strange: A sense of disconnection from normality. A thought provoker that opens the mind to new ideas. The “Strange”, is a direct connection to the creative side of the mind. When a person encounters something strange, they are forced to think outside of the normality of everyday life. […]

A friend turned me onto this about 4 months ago, a replacement product for laundry detergent. It seems crazy to replace laundry detergent with a plastic ball, but it works. Clothes smell great and look clean coming out of the wash and the best part, no chemicals. Moving away from laundry detergent takes a MINDSET change. […]

From 1946 to 1949 over 800 women living in and around poor areas of Nashville were deceived into taking part in a nutritional study where pregnant women were given pills with radioactive iron-59. Funded by Vanderbilt University at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. When the babies were born, they were also tested to see how much […]

Researchers affiliated with the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), selected 88 test subjects at the University of Cincinnati and exposed them without consent to hefty doses of radiation under the direction of Dr. Eugene Saenger between 1960 and 1971. Saenger picked test subjects from poor, mostly non-white groups, without informed consent. Some were dosed with radiation for […]

Riddle me this Batman, why can’t any of the major advances science has made, the power religion claims to have, or all the money given to charity reach this man?  

Many people remember the US dime having Dwight D. Eisenhower on the face, but Franklin Roosevelt has been on the dime since 1946. Many claim, that this is one of the now famous Mandela Effects and that the dime has been changed but there is no record of an Eisenhower dime in the US treasury. Where […]

Theodore Rex, also known as T. Rex, is a 1995 buddy cop family film written and directed by Jonathan Betuel and starring Whoopi Goldberg.   In an alternate futuristic society where humans and dinosaurs co-exist, a police detective named Katie Coltraine (Whoopi Goldberg) is paired with a Tyrannosaurus named Theodore Rex (George Newbern) to find […]