Scorpionflies have enlarged genitals that look similar to the stingers of scorpions. Scorpionflies are named because of the external male genitalia which resemble the stingers of scorpions.  Scorpionflies cannot sting.  

Every day more and more stories come out about prejudice impacting peoples lives, but are the stories true? Look for yourself and come to your own conclusion but keep in mind, where there is smoke there is fire.

Not being treated the same by police, is that prejudice?

Ran a stop sign and refused to stop:

White supremacist mass murderer, killed nine people during a prayer service. He fled the scene and was caught during an all-out manhunt. They also stopped at Burger King to get him some food after he stated he was hungry.

Not having gun rights, is that prejudice?

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I wrote this poem for fun as something creepy. Billy always scares me when I see him by my bed. How does Billy float? And where is Billy’s head? — Alex Sutton

Mimosa Pudica Known as the sensitive plant due to it’s reaction when touched by another organism. Its leaves fold in upon themselves and its stems droop. This action stops predators from eating the plant. Th plants behavior can also be seen during harsh weather conditions like excessive heat and rain. The folding process takes only […]

In some parts of the world rat meat can be found at the local market. Rats are a huge problem on farms that grow sugar cane so the natural reaction is to eat your way to a solution. Rats are also plentiful in large forests and often become a local delicacy. A rat is roughly […]

A preserved locust eating a mouse on display at the Natural History Museum, London. It’s more than 100 years old. It’s an African species called Ornithacris pictula. What would you do if you woke up with this on your pillow?

Luther Emmett Holt wrote a book called “The Care and Feeding of Children”, in 1884 . In his book he talked about “airing out children”, or simply put, providing children with fresh air. Busy parents took a shortcut and purchased cages for the children to sit in outside of high rises and tall apartment buildings […]