Human beings don’t seem able or willing to stop the few men and women in power from destroying the world. We continue to allow both men and women to abuse power at work, in the government, at church and through organizations without any indication that it will end. The fears and concerns our ancestors faced […]

As a good citizen maintain your freedom at all times by remembering these rules, watching this video and reading this book. Say these four short words whenever questioned: “I want a lawyer” (Repeat) Never invoked the Fifth Amendment to the police Never tell the police that you are refusing to talk Don’t talk to the police […]

I often need to get information on a user in Active Directory but I don’t have time to scroll through multiple clicks and windows to get there. Here are two great quick commands to get all the information you need for just one user in Active Directory. The username for both will be “JSmith”. The […]

Robots are now actively being used in hospitals. You may see one the next time you find yourself in need of medical support. Here are just a few to bring you up to speed. Meet “Pepper” the robot, a humanoid robot designed to welcome and take care of visitors and patients, at AZ Damiaan hospital […]

So if you use PowerShell as much as I do then you know that every time you open it there are a number of commands you want to run immediately. So day in and day out you are repeatedly typing a number of commands. Today we are going to automate that process so you don’t […]

  The weirdness starts around 37 seconds in after the woman finishes speaking. The man talking to Groucher Marx is just plain strange and gets a bit stranger with every question. His mannerisms are off the chart and the way he talks is very pronounced. It’s also interesting to see how Groucho reacts to him. […]

In the Church, we have leaders who guide and help us make decisions. They provide counsel to keep you on track with the teachings of the Bible. They help you get through hard times and assist you in making decisions for your health, family, and career. The people who hold positions of authority in the […]